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Routine Exams

We encourage our patients to see us annually, because optimal eye health is something far too many take for granted. While a typical reason for an eye exam is to test your vision, we look at the whole eye for signs of disease and aging as well. Many symptoms are not obvious at first, and can often be treated when detected early by one of our optometrists. 

Even if you see clearly, with or without glasses, come visit us to make sure you're giving your eyes the care they need:
  1. Test your vision to make sure you’re seeing clearly. Our eye exams are designed to quickly and accurately detect and correct any vision deficiencies.
  2. Prevent eye disease, effects of aging and vision loss. We take a complete look at your eye to uncover hidden eye diseases and assess your potential for developing vision problems as you age.
  3. Detect and treat conditions of eye disease and trauma. If there are any signs or symptoms of eye disease or trauma, we can get you on the right treatment plan or refer you to a specialist.
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Medical Treatment

We are able to treat several eye diseases and disorders, many of which require the earliest possible treatment to prevent serious vision loss or damage to the eyes, and your overall health.

Our routine exams will detect any need for medical treatment, but contact us immediately if you think you're experiencing the following:

Destroys the optic nerves that relay visual information to the brain.

Macular Degeneration
An age-related problem that progressively robs you of your vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy
A weakening of the retinal blood vessels caused by high blood sugar.

The lenses of your eyes grow opaque and yellowish, causing visual “halos,” blurred vision and poor night/color vision.

Dry Eye
Caused by medications, underlying illnesses, malfunctioning tear glands, wind, dry air, dust or other factors.

Computer Vision Syndrome
An occupational/lifestyle hazard associated with non-stop computer monitor or mobile device usage, causing eye fatigue, strain and headaches.

Eye Injuries/Foreign Bodies
The delicate tissues of the eye can be injured in any number of ways, from scratches on the cornea due to foreign body infiltration to exposure to corrosive or caustic substances.

Eye Infections
Infections, such as conjunctivitis, are both uncomfortable and potentially damaging to the eye.

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Pediatric Optometry

Eye care for children differs from adult eye care, because their eye sight is constantly developing and changing from infancy until well into their school years. Problems that are unique to children might not happen to an adult. Therefore, it is important to be proactive about your child’s eyesight as early as possible.
Common Conditions
Some signs of vision-related issues might not be obvious, and your child will have difficult expressing anything out of the ordinary. Many behavioral issues are misdiagnosed but can actually stem from vision problems, such as squinting, frequent eye rubbing, poor hand-eye coordination, light sensitivity, short attention span, and avoiding certain activities and tasks.

Lazy Eye
One of the most common issues, medically known as amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” is considered one of the leading causes of decreased vision in children. When diagnosed as soon as possible, we can recommend corrective measures, such as eye patches, glasses or other medical procedures.

Infant Screening
We provide free infant eye exams in the first year, because we are passionate about the vision health of children. Obviously infants are unable to give feedback during an exam, but we can detect current or potential problems with their vision as early as six months.
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Emergency Services

We are here if you have an eye emergency and need immediate care.
Call our office with your problem and we will fit you in quickly.
Get Help at  843-971-6300
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